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I have been nominated for the “One Lovely Blog” award, by my friend, Rachel…a talented artist, writer and blogger at
The rules are as follows:

  1. Thank the person who nominated you and provide a link to their blog.
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  4. List 7 facts about yourself.
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7 facts about me…

  1. I’m an extrovert, as in an off the charts extrovert. I once took a personality test where the results are plotted on a graph. I was literally off the charts. My therapist found it amusing.
  2. I love studying nutrition and natural alternatives, but I still drink a pepsi every day at 10am.
  3. I drink a glass of red wine everyday at 5pm. (ok, and maybe a second glass around 9pm)
  4. There is a place in my heart that can only be filled with antique/vintage treasures.
  5. I’m very sentimental and cherish people. If you are in my life, I absolutely love you.
  6. I’m 44 and every day I wonder what I want to do with the rest of my life. I like my age. For the first time in my life I am finding the courage to reach some goals.
  7. I love chickens and moved out to 5 acres just so I could have some. I don’t have any yet, but when I get them, I imagine them following me all over the yard in complete adoration.

For days I have searched for newer blogs to nominate, but it is so hard to find the newbies! So I am just nominating the blogs I enjoy. I am so new to blogging, so I can’t come up with 15 yet! I didn’t nominate you if you’ve already done this or something similar… don’t think I don’t love your blog!














Extreme Booty

I’m sure you’ve heard the good news….one glass of red wine is equivalent to one hour in the gym. If you hadn’t heard this yet, you’re welcome.

Let me inspire you some more with a photo of my gym. I live out in the country, so I have had to create my own workout space at home. Try not to envy. If you get creative you can have a space like this too…..


We’ve lived in this house for about 6 months. The basement is always low on our priority list…sometimes patiently waiting to be integrated into our lives for years, only to never make the cut as we pack up and move on to another home with another basement to collect our junk.

As you can see, the owners before us left some nice workout mats on the cold, hard basement floor for me. Thankfully they didn’t have the nerve to advertise this area as a “home gym.” I simply added the television and dvd player, so I can watch the gorgeous, perfect, blonde show me how to have an extreme booty. Hard to imagine this is possible as I huff and puff in sometimes pajama pants and a tshirt, praying to God no one comes down to see me.

You’ll also notice my little darlings made mommy’s exercising pad more colorful and challenging. It’s sort of a homemade obstacle course if you will.

This is so much more pleasant, really. I like sipping my tea and “chatting” with my fellow bloggers. Maybe, maybe today at some point I’ll put on my sports bra and get down there to face the challenges my annoying, little instructor encourages me to do. If not, I’m sure my multiple trips up and down stairs today for cleaning and laundry’s sake, will suffice.

Plus I’ll have my glass of red wine this evening! Things are looking up. 😉

Should I Stay or Should I Go

IMG_1580After staying home raising children for 22 years, I recently interviewed for a position that will take me not just out of the home, but into the sky. If you guessed astronaut, you just don’t know me, and that hurts.

For all of you who have interviewed for jobs that would be your career, I am so sorry for not understanding how nerve wracking and frightening it is! I hate to sound like a nominated actor who says,” I am thankful to just be nominated.”, but….since I haven’t interviewed since I was 19 at a pizza joint, I really am thankful my resume was even considered.

I’ve been chosen for a position as a flight attendant. (assuming I pass training)

toy story meme

It’s something I have always felt suits me well, and I truly feel I would be great at it. I’m not one for sitting still and having no change of scenery. People who know me well are in complete agreement that I am cut out for being friendly and nice to people on a daily basis. I’m sort of like buddy the elf….  97fe6357cf43ac80816b1206b2e4ea9f

“How did she handle staying home for 22 years?,” one might ask. It hasn’t been easy! I’ve struggled, and struggled, and struggled. It’s been my sacrifice for my children. I’m not naturally patient, organized, inclined to bake and cook, educate, and keep a home clean. But I do it. Before I got married and had children, my living space was frightening and I nourished myself with Spaghettios, booze, and cigarettes!

To top it all off, I am 100% extroverted. I thrive among people…..not necessarily three foot tall ones, but the big kind. You get it – staying home and home educating has been a choice, but not my calling. There’s no award or pat on the back for it, but I’d say so far I’ve done a darn good job.  It’s just time to add something new to my repertoire.

So it may be time for me to fly. Oh come on….how could I resist that pun?

I’ll give you mommies three guesses as to what I am dealing with now. It starts with the letter “g” and ends with mommy usually not doing what she knows would be best for her. 😉

GUILT – oh that word that controls way too much of our lives! I felt guilty for taking the time to prepare for an interview. I feel guilty for accepting the invitation to training. I feel guilty that I am now spending my evenings studying for training. How will I get through training without exploding with guilt? I am quite sure that each time my husband leaves for work, he feels no guilt. And he shouldn’t! He’s our bread winner and he’d feel guilty if he were at home. It’s so different for a mother. I know mom’s who have worked from the beginning after their children are born. The guilt is constant. All I can do is keep telling myself to choose the no guilt route. Did you know it’s that easy?

It’s not – but it is an option. If I feel guilty, I’m choosing to allow myself to feel that way. All of the children will be taken care of. My husband will survive, just like I have during years of different training and traveling he did for his career. Most importantly….mommy will feel good about herself, and that makes for a happy mommy.

On a very not so important note – I LOVED wearing a grown up suit to the interview! Deep down I’m still a little girl who loves to play dress up. So often I’ve walked by Ann Taylor, Banana Republic, etc., and longed to wear a flattering, professional looking outfit. Then I woke up, brushed off my yoga pants and pushed the stroller to Gymboree.


Isn’t it darling? I hope it was the poor lighting of the public restroom during my photo shoot….my blush looks very strange.

There’s another piece that is pushing me toward working. It would be so easy for me to stay where I am at, and not face this challenge. That may happen actually. I may decide it’s not worth the headache. But my daughters are watching. I have three sons and three daughters. We are a bit of an old fashioned family. It wasn’t planned, it just happened. Daddy works. Mommy has babies and stays home. I want my girls to know they can have whatever they want. I need to show them they can follow their heart, their dreams, at any age! I’m 44 years old. I can’t help but think it would be a good example to show them if “later” on in life you need a change, it’s ok!

I’ve hidden behind the walls of 11 homes in 22 years, due to many corporate moves for my husband’s career. It has been so easy to stay comfortable, but it’s no longer good for me. I’m not sure it was ever good for me, but I do feel it was good for my children. Being a mom is always a sacrifice, whether you stay home or work. You end up sacrificing something of yourself, and it’s totally worth it.

Now my brain and heart are yearning to stretch. I’m terrified of it all really. It may not be a flight attendant career I go for. I may find during training that it’s not for me. I have other ideas up my sleeve if that’s the case.

Sometimes I wish I had one of those calm personalities that could ignore that little, rebellious soul inside of me that says, “I’m not satisfied! Give me more!” I have friends that so easily say, “Oh well, life just is what it is.” I envy being able to feel that way. I have what’s called the tortured artist’s soul. I feel deeply, question everything, ponder everything, contemplate my destiny…..all that stuff. It’s exhausting. I don’t know if it makes me interesting or just strange.

As you can see, I could use some support. Where are you at in your lives, other moms? I’d love to hear from you. One thing  I love about motherhood is the instant connection and bond with other mothers, no matter what our style is. We have that one thing in common always – our hearts are walking around outside our bodies, in our children.


It’s Just A New Kind Of Cool

If I was ever cool, I don’t remember it. This thought made me laugh as I put my vintage apron over my sweats and Aeropostale hoodie, so I could make chocolate chip cookies.


Yes…that’s me being a dork and standing on the toilet to take a selfie for you. Oh and I don’t have a growth on my cheek…damn iphone.

There are silver linings everywhere. So I am getting older and maybe a little nervous about my fleeting “middle” years….BUT, I don’t pressure myself the way I would have at a younger age to not eat too many cookies so my tummy stays flat. I ate too many plus a side of cookie dough. I’m feeling bloated and satisfied.

I’m at an age where, although I tease and call myself a dork for wearing a vintage apron….truth is we all know my vintage apron is so fabulous it cancels out my sweats and tennies.

I’m embracing my forties. Bring it on. As a possible fellow writer reading along, do you ever find yourself feeling enlightened as you write? Am I inspiring myself? Maybe somewhat, but it’s also knowing there is someone else in cyberspace reading my post, writing their own post to inspire me, other kindred spirits….

I am a sentimental, emotional, passionate person. In other words, sometimes I’m a train wreck. I’m not sure where I am going with this, but I am sure you are wondering the same thing.

I guess as I laughed at myself, and then enjoyed the fruits of my labor – I wondered what other moms at home were feeling today. Especially you moms hitting those middle years. Heck, all women in general. Our tasks, our feelings, our jobs on the home front are so often unknown by others.

I’m not a huge technology fan. I am learning to appreciate it more since reading blogs and starting my own. Being a mom at home can be lonely and discouraging. With technology look at how we can connect and encourage each other in a way our mothers couldn’t! Only another stay at home mom would “get” that I laugh at myself as I put my darling apron on over my fancy sweatshirt. By the way, I served the cookies delicately arranged on my pretty china along with glasses of milk for the kids. They may not notice the pretty presentation, but I did….and I like pretty things.

Think I’ll warm up my tea and grab another cookie. It’s quiet and I must take advantage of that!IMG_1553