Extreme Booty

I’m sure you’ve heard the good news….one glass of red wine is equivalent to one hour in the gym. If you hadn’t heard this yet, you’re welcome.

Let me inspire you some more with a photo of my gym. I live out in the country, so I have had to create my own workout space at home. Try not to envy. If you get creative you can have a space like this too…..


We’ve lived in this house for about 6 months. The basement is always low on our priority list…sometimes patiently waiting to be integrated into our lives for years, only to never make the cut as we pack up and move on to another home with another basement to collect our junk.

As you can see, the owners before us left some nice workout mats on the cold, hard basement floor for me. Thankfully they didn’t have the nerve to advertise this area as a “home gym.” I simply added the television and dvd player, so I can watch the gorgeous, perfect, blonde show me how to have an extreme booty. Hard to imagine this is possible as I huff and puff in sometimes pajama pants and a tshirt, praying to God no one comes down to see me.

You’ll also notice my little darlings made mommy’s exercising pad more colorful and challenging. It’s sort of a homemade obstacle course if you will.

This is so much more pleasant, really. I like sipping my tea and “chatting” with my fellow bloggers. Maybe, maybe today at some point I’ll put on my sports bra and get down there to face the challenges my annoying, little instructor encourages me to do. If not, I’m sure my multiple trips up and down stairs today for cleaning and laundry’s sake, will suffice.

Plus I’ll have my glass of red wine this evening! Things are looking up. ๐Ÿ˜‰