Ahhh…..The Simple Things

I am currently enjoying a fabulous Italian, red wine. I have been putting off opening it because it is such a lovely bottle….which is silly for many reasons.

I bought it recently when visiting one of my favorite towns, Galena, Illinois. On a whim one dreary Saturday afternoon, I asked my husband if we could load up the kids and just drive.  I have been feeling some winter blues and needed some scenery. My husband thought it was a fabulous idea, which he often does and I love that about him.

After eating at a favorite burger joint with the kids, he took them to a store to entertain them so I could enjoy the atmosphere of a lovely store which is filled with wine and cheese. Heaven, right? If you love wine and cheese you get it. Just seeing those two words together brings some kind of warmth to my soul. I admit, it’s weird.

Even more lovely than the tasting of fine wines that evening, the chatting with the local shop owner as I chose some decadent cheeses, and the glorious time alone feeling all grown up…..was walking out onto the quiet, dark street, carrying my wine and cheese so proudly as if I had just bought fresh food from the market and was heading back to my lovely European home. The air was cool and mild. I could hear my steps because the streets aren’t busy there in January. I had a huge smile although I was alone. And that’s a good thing – enjoying being with oneself. Such a small moment engrained in my mind.

I’ve had plenty of big experiences, fun vacations, and amazing moments in life. Funny how a little moment that would seem insignificant as someone watched, can spark such strong, passionate feelings. Feelings of contentment and satisfaction.

Yes, wine and cheese can do that. 😉


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