Just Sad

We need to come up with a better phrase than, “cancer sucks.” It isn’t strong enough.

I recently received the news that a dear friend has breast cancer.  A year ago I received the same news from another friend. I wish in our lifetime it would be so rare to hear this sort of news, that the chances of two friends within a year would be near impossible.

I hate that they both have to deal with this. Not only the fear of this wretched disease taking their lives, but the horribly long road to fight it. I hate that they have to lose their hair and have multiple surgeries. I hate that they have to put their perfectly lovely lives on hold.

We never know what is around the corner for us, and I don’t enjoy that. I am a spontaneous person, often struggling with impulsiveness…..but if there is one thing I’d like control over, and complete predictability, it is my health and the health of those I love.



One thought on “Just Sad

  1. It does suck. I so agree with you. And yet when my own parents developed cancer, I found it helped to focus on hope- because it is so easy to sink into despair. There is a lot of hope these day with cancer treatment- so here’s hoping your friends make a good recovery and stay strong.


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