Pom Pom Status



I’m not into status symbols. I don’t wear a lot of jewelry. I don’t get excited about fancy cars. I like having a nice home but I’ve never dreamt of a mansion. Things were different when I was a child though. When I was a child, it was all about the roller skates…..

Hard to believe I am old enough to remember putting the clanky metal roller skates onto my shoes. Really, they were a splendid investment for our parents, since they could slide and adjust as we grew. And the sound they made as we skated? It was a fabulous tinny sound, that clinked and clanked as each foot hit the pavement. However, I lived in a time when metal skates were going out and very cool boot skates were coming in…..

I had a pair that looked just like the ones in the picture. And that is why I cried myself to sleep most nights. You see, there weren’t enough pom pom choices to match these blue skates. I wanted white ones so I could attach many different colored pom poms!imagesThe new plastic wheels made a very cool smooth gliding sound as we gracefully now slid in our new skates…..but who paid attention to wheel sounds now? The bells, which made a cute little jingle as each foot came down….the bells made you officially cool. Gone were the days of the awkward clanking sound we had loved of metal skates. This….this was the new status of the average 9 year old. Boot skates with a collection of pom poms which one could change to match one’s outfit.

I’ve since then gotten over the fact that I never had enough roller skate pom poms. It did cause me some trouble however, as a young child. Out of desperation I started a “silk jacket club,” during recess, because I did have a very cool silk jacket. It ended quickly when the teacher called home because other children without silk jackets weren’t allowed in my club. I’m not proud.


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