Make Time For Your Love

The time is now. What are we waiting for? Personally, I am waiting for the laundry to get done.

That’s right….the world’s next great novel will have to wait. There are children counting on me for the perfect outfit everyday.

The reality is, it is more than laundry. If you are raising children, you understand.

My daily mantra is, “after I finish this I’ll sit down and write.” or “After I finish that I’ll get started on my real estate career.” THIS and THAT are never going to be finished, stupid! (Don’t be offended…I am scolding myself) The laundry will again multiply over night, there will be dishes in the sink after every meal, and after said meals you will begin planning the next meal. That bathroom you cleaned on Monday will be disgusting by Friday. The crumbs will come back after you sweep. The school uniforms need to be ironed even though I swear I just ironed a pile of them. The dust, never mind, I never dust. Speaking of school, no need to catch up on forms that need to be signed, checks that need to be written, lunches that need to be packed, and homework that needs to be checked, because it will all come jumping out of those backpacks again tomorrow, after your sweet children come home and plop them in the middle of the floor. (the floor where the crumbs reproduce after you sweep) After shopping for groceries, a new grocery list will immediately begin… catch my drift here. We can’t wait until we finish the house and children’s needs, before we begin to take care of our needs, goals and dreams. That stuff is permanent until they are grown. And from what I am now experiencing, adult children and grandchildren still need mama and grandma. It doesn’t end….and I don’t want it to. It truly is the good stuff.

BUT….mama, you are more than crumb sweeper and laundry folder. You are creative, passionate, intelligent, loving, and bursting at the seams with ideas and thoughts that could change the world, or at least your precious corner of it. I am speaking to all of you precious ladies.

Start somewhere. Anywhere….15 minutes. What is it you love? Painting? Paint for 15 minutes today. Writing? Write. Do you play an instrument…or used to before your darling baby demanded all of your attention? Can you spare 15 minutes? You deserve it! The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world. That means you are pretty damn important and so is your sanity. Your children, partner, marriage, all depend on you being fulfilled! Let me tell you from experience, they’d rather sacrifice a small amount of time every day so you can enjoy a moment of your passion, than have you freak out ten years down the road because you no longer recognize yourself.

Stop putting it off. You don’t have to make money at what you love. So what if no one reads what you write or buys your beautiful painting? Do it for you. If you love it, you just have to make time for it, just as you make time for the people you love. It’s for you. My goodness, life is short. Think on that. It isn’t just a phrase. It is terribly true. If God has given you a passion for something, embrace it and enjoy it. It is who you are. Start loving you, and set you free. The crumbs will wait.

vintage copy
This is Melissa…..incredibly experienced crumb sweeper, laundry goddess, passionate mama, and a lover of the written word. 😉



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