Cakes, Vomit, and Love

As I sat in bed last night, enjoying what seemed to be the millionth episode of “Cake Boss,” with Buddy Valastro’s biggest fan,(my 9 year old daughter), I was jolted out of my half asleep, sort of spaced out relaxation mode, by a loud, roaring sound that caused me to scream, concerned my daughter had suddenly turned into a terrifying creature whose head may begin spinning around. You guessed it…projectile vomit all over my down comforter. Nothing will bring a tired parent to their feet quicker than unannounced vomit.

With my daughter being the typical child who doesn’t announce she is about to throw up, and simply lets it fly wherever she is seated, (and myself,  being a well seasoned veteran when it comes to puking emergencies), I quickly assessed the situation and calmly told precious not to worry about mommy’s blanket – it’s washable.I grabbed a container and gently asked her to please, please, please aim for the container. Dear God, please.

As I held back her hair and my heart began to break, I immediately felt guilt over the fact that I didn’t see it coming. I felt guilt over the fact that she had stayed home from school yesterday, but seemed fine most of the day, so I pushed her to do her homework which was brought home for her. Would she think I was a mean mom? Would she always remember the day she had to do her homework even though she was tired and about to throw up? I knew for certain…I had ruined her for life by not predicting the evening’s outcome.

Motherhood has two major characteristics….undying love and never ending guilt. (okay three – let’s add exhaustion)

Before the Exorcist scene – there I was, about to pass out, but trying so hard to focus on “The Boss” because it means the world to my sweet little girl, that she and I sit in bed together every night and watch it. I could be reading, writing the next great novel, or scrolling Facebook for really great…??. Instead, every evening I learn how to decorate 500 pound cakes.

I quietly threw the comforter away rather than washing it, because…well….just trust me on that one. If she notices, I will tell her with a smile that I wanted a new one.

As she stays home from school today, along with her brother, (who is also not feeling well), I will be cherishing this bonus day of having them here….because I love them. The couches will be covered in towels and there will be buckets in there laps just in case, but still – cherishing this time.

That’s why it’s a no brainer to not let her feel bad about a comforter. It’s why helping any of them when they need me is easy. It’s why I don’t give watching a cake baking reality show a second thought, because I know these days are fleeting, and I cherish the time. Motherhood is the hardest job I have ever had, yet the easiest to perform. I became qualified the moment each child was born or adopted. No one can love them like me.

Perhaps my guilt issues from last night will fade as I tend to my mommy duties, such as, bringing plates of saltines and glasses of ginger ale.

So send your amazing mommy friends a note today. Tell them they are freaking awesome. Bring her a coffee, some wine, a bucket. Hold her hair back when necessary. You know she’d do the same for you. She’s a mom.


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