See Ya Stress!

Ahhhh stress…Please go away now. You are uninvited and I am not in the mood.

My nerves are currently shot – and I mean shot. You know the kind…hands are shaking, hard to eat, (well actually I am experiencing some sort of starvation stress that wants to continually eat), can’t focus…yada, yada, yada.

There’s just been a lot of “stuff” lately. I try not to complain much, because everyone in my life is experiencing some sort of “stuff.” Mine is no worse than theirs. Unfortunately when you are that type – the I must remain happy for everyone, type – it is easy to not take care of oneself. That is where I am today. I can see it and feel it, emotionally, physically, spiritually, I am not taking care of me. And honestly, as a single mom, I have got to watch out for me…no one else is going to.

As moms, we often don’t take care of ourselves anyway. Then stress hits and it can be even worse. We don’t form the habits of destressing, so how would we know how when it is urgent?

I joked with my mom this morning, that I need a day at the spa. Why do I automatically make that a joke? You know what? I really do need a day at the spa! It would probably help everyone around me, not just myself. Pretty sure the kids would rather have relaxed, I have just been massaged mommy, rather than the worn out, can’t focus mommy who has been living here lately.

Having the personality type of wanting to make everyone else in the world happy, is not an easy one. I am thankful for my huge heart and desire to love others. However, I need to make sure I give a little lovin’ to myself.

So I am challenging myself today to schedule some “me” time. Feel free to hold me accountable 😉 Any gal could use a friend who stops in and says, “Hey love, have you made it to the spa yet?”

I am currently envisioning myself walking out of the day spa, literally sparkling, wearing a darling little dress with a matching purse and heels of course, completely refreshed and on my way to shop for a new outfit I am sure. Wait….in this vision I look about 20 years younger and there is some sort of sunny glow around my perfectly blowing hair. Yeah, let’s not push it.

Reality – I will fall asleep on the massage table, drooling and embarrassed as the therapist tells me it is time to leave. Then I’ll stumble to the locker where my comfy sweats await me, get dressed, and run to the car before anyone sees me….because you can’t wear make up to the spa and massages trash your hair! Still – totally worth it.

Wish me luck! Time to google day spa.


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