Shiraz And World Peace

And then there is mom. Pretty sure I’d fall to pieces without dear old mom. We say that so light heartedly sometimes – “dear old mom.” The reality is, really, I would fall to pieces. Anyone who knows me well, knows this to be true.

My friends often envy my relationship with my mother, and I don’t blame them. They should.

My mother is the ultimate mommy. I know without a doubt, I could commit a heinous crime, and she would come visit me in prison, a basket of treats in tow, (Fannie May raspberry creams, German Cokes, and a pepsi), reminding me it wasn’t really my fault and that judge was an idiot. Lol…she thinks her children are perfect. And she should….thats what mommies do.

When I was a child mom disciplined me, (well as best she could – I didn’t take to discipline very well) – Sorry mom. She always knew how to give advice and direction gently. (still does) She is wise enough to know we need to make our own decisions. She stood by me even when I am sure she was turning gray over my wrong decisions at times.

Now mom is my closest friend and confidant. I no longer need discipline, (well…), and I don’t seek advice too often anymore. What I need is a shoulder to cry on, someone to giggle with me because life is just too hard sometimes so we need to laugh, an ear for listening, a hug. I need a friend.

Yesterday, after way too many days home with sick children, I texted mom, (who by the way lives right around the corner), and told her I needed to get out before I lose my mind. There were 8 children in my home at the time, including 3 teenagers in the basement who have formed a band and were practicing their death metal.

“Have time for a little wine tonight?,” I asked. Of course she did. I sweetened the deal with homemade taco soup. I suggested 5:30…she said she’d try to survive until then.

Here is how our time together goes….

We politely visit with my stepdad or any children that need some attention, give them all their dinner, smile, and wait patiently for them to all leave us alone so we can discuss relationships, relatives, politics, and basically solve the world’s problems over a bottle of Shiraz. (or two)


School nights are the worst because I have to be a grown up and get the children, (they followed me there), home to bed on time. Is staying up late a good reason to homeschool again?


Well, truth be told, we didn’t solve the world’s problems. However, we did come to the conclusion that peace and happiness can be found with two great mamas, some giggles, and a bottle of Shiraz. It’s a start.


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