Winter Butt

I want to eat healthy. I really do. But right now, as I sit here writing, I want a snack. Being the great mom I am, I made these yummy things, because I love the squeals of joy when the kids walk in after school.20190411_143834

Being the stupid mom I am, I thought I could resist them. A handful of nuts or a peanut butter cookie with a gooey hershey’s kiss on top? Duh.

On a side note those are flour free cookies. I will leave the recipe at the end.

I want summer so bad, but I will miss hiding under my winter clothes. We are all too aware that the season of shaving our white legs daily is approaching. Why does everything look better with a tan?

My idea of working out is 25 squats before I put my swimsuit on. But I get annoyed when I do 25 squats after a long winter of beer and bar food, turn around and look in the mirror, and my butt is the same. Truly discouraged. I hate the pressure. I really do. I like to eat, drink and be merry. I want to love running marathons, because those people are so very cool. But I don’t and I’m not.

However I am a cool mom and here’s proof. Pure joy…..


I guess if that sweet face thinks I’m cool, then I’m good. She thinks I am beyond cool actually. I hung the moon. The cat’s meow – winter body and all.

*I tend to have a lot of side notes, but I think you all might appreciate what my sophisticated writing office looks like*

I love it 😉 As a matter of fact, I started writing earlier today and it was so quiet I thought I might lose my mind. I closed the computer because I just couldn’t focus. Now I am surrounded by noisy little snackers and my fingers can’t keep up with my thoughts. I am a true extrovert. I need people – large or small.

One of the reasons I love writing is because as I write, I am often without realizing it, reminding myself of what is truly important to me. And it’s cookies. Cookies are important.

So here is that recipe. I have a GF kid and we all love these peanut buttery cookies….

1 cup peanut butter, 1 cup sugar, 1 tsp vanilla extract, 1 egg. Mix it up and roll into one inch balls, then roll in sugar. Bake on parchment lined cookie sheet at 350 degrees for 15 minutes. Let set a few minutes then cool on a wire rack. 

I like to press them down a bit with a fork before baking, unless I’ll be adding a hershey’s kiss at the end. In that case, set a hershey kiss on top of each one as soon as they come out of the oven. (press the kiss down gently) Yum. 

If your kiddos love cookies or if you want plenty extras for when they are in bed and you finally get maybe five minutes to yourself, (they pair well with red), then double the recipe.

Well, I am off to mom’s for dinner with my children, including my 22 year old who is embarking on a European trip all alone in a few days. I know, right? When he was 9 and I told him to clean his room, he cried. At 21 I told him to go seek adventure, and damn it he listened. I need a cookie.