Move The Laundry and Have a Drink

Today Miss Charlotte will have a highly anticipated play date with two friends. Every time she talks about it, she gets a huge grin on her face, and asks me how many more days. Today it will be “how many more hours?” Wouldn’t it be nice if grown ups got as excited about getting together? I want my friends to jump up and down and giggle as they count the hours, awaiting my arrival. You know who you are. Please work on that.

As I looked around my rather destroyed house this morning, I knew I could start cleaning, OR….I could make a cup of tea and talk to you all. You won, as did the tea.

You see, when you come to play or just hang out with my kids, there will be laundry on the table, breakfast dishes in the sink, mud on the floor from shoes that played outside; and there will be no organized crafts. Just come on in, get comfy, grab a snack out of my popular snack cabinet full of unhealthy choices, and make some memories. 

Once in a while I feel a slight sting to my ego, wondering if I should do something more impressive. After all, the last time so – and – so went to what’s his name’s house, he came back with a castle made out of noodles. But the thing is, the kids keep coming back. They just do their thing – like we did when we were kids. I am just here for safety’s sake and to provide food. That’s it. I love that the kids who come regularly know this is a safe, fun place to hang out, and Mrs. Nicholson loves them. I like picking up their favorite snack to keep here for them when they stop by. They don’t know I do it, but I do.

More power to the moms who plan the entire day for the children and set up learning stations and such. Some might just thoroughly enjoy doing that. It’s their thing. I think I used to. I think I used to do lots of things….like used to be cool.

I like being at a stage in life where I am done impressing. If I happen to impress once in a while by just being me, then, “Yay me!” Plus, why pressure other moms by making my life look perfect? I want moms to come in and silently think, “Thank God…she’s real.” Personally, I feel more comfortable in someone else’s house when it looks lived in and I know I can spill my drink and they won’t cry later after I leave. I don’t need that in my life at this point. I just need the drink.

To my sweet friends – please don’t get concerned now and wonder if you should not clean before I send my angels into your home. If you want to, go for it. Just please never, ever feel obligated to. And if you feel you have to entertain my children then shame on them. Tell them they are children and thats’ what children do…they come up with ideas. That is what I say to mine, and they just love it. (sarcasm)

I love a noisy house. I have raised 6 children for crying out loud. Silence is not golden to me. We have play dates, neighbors who stop by, sleep overs, late Friday nights, and I absolutely love it. It is something I can give my children, that I hope they look back on and smile about as adults.

So please…worn out momma…drop those crazy kids here anytime. Come on in yourself. Throw the laundry off the couch and put your feet up on the coffee table. I will pour the wine. And don’t worry…I will at least manage a quick swipe of the toilet seat with a clorox wipe, just for you.




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