Hey Mom

Toddlers, children, teenagers, young adults….no matter the age, my boys never stop saying, “Hey mom, watch this!” (even my 22 year old has said…”Hey mom, hold my beer, watch this.”)

Those are my 15 and 13 year olds at the park today. Little bit wanted to go, and the boys happily joined us.

I remember when they were all very little and we’d go to the playground. I would literally get exhausted from…”Hey mom, hey mom, hey mom watch…watch this mom!” I’d have my blanket on the ground, book in tow, thinking surely while they play I can catch up on a great read. Trust me, I never cracked the book open. Instead I’d get dizzy from spinning my head from one direction to another, making sure I saw everyone’s amazing feats. Lol…I could never tell them, “stop asking me to watch!” I’ve always been a softy in that way. I remember one time in particular when their dad came with us years ago. He looked at me and said, “Holy cow! Do you hear that all day?” Yes, yes I do.

Those moments in life can wear a parent out. But when you really think about how sweet it is…..there’s no one else whose attention they crave more than yours when they are little. Then when they become teenagers, there may be no one else they’d perform for, for fear of embarrassment. They don’t even realize it, but they trust you more than anyone. You are and always will be their safe place…..especially for watching daring acts of strength and bravery. 😉

Truth is – I love it.  One of the greatest benefits of raising so many children with a wide age range, is I am so very aware of how fleeting time is. One day you hear a squeaky little voice asking you to watch them run down the hill a dozen times. Then you blink, and a man’s voice says, “Hey mom check out how I do sit ups while hanging upside down.” I know….why they desire to hang upside down, I no longer understand.

Cherish it. Smile and laugh at every goofy joke. Tell them they are amazing with every new step, trick, or idea. Being a parent is the best thing that ever happened to you. Don’t waste it. Some day we will miss trips to the park, and “Hey mom!”




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  1. How true! You blink and they’re grown and suddenly have babes of their own.

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