Yes Mom and Donuts

We kicked off summer break with a sleepover last night and donuts this morning. I know….I rock.

My fave…even though my stomach never thanks me.

Being a single mom is really tough sometimes. (auto correct changed single to sinful and I thought that was quite amusing) It’s lonely. However, there are perks to being the only adult in charge, in a house full of children.

It’s relaxed around here. I am the most laid back person you’ll ever meet. I tell my children “no” when necessary, but I say “yes” a lot. Thankfully they don’t make too many outrageous requests. They aren’t spoiled. I don’t take my 9 year old daughter to Target often, although she asks weekly if we can just walk around Target. I’m on to you girl….I know what walk around Target means. Ingredients for slime, a new stuffed animal, and three pairs of shoes….I see dollar signs when that child says Target.

I say yes to experiences, friendship, and making memories. Two of my most favorite girls in the world are currently building a fort in the living room, using the chairs and couch they slept on. Saying yes to a sleepover last night led to some Saturday morning fun, that doesn’t include a screen. Good old fashioned “kid stuff.”


My point is, I don’t have to consult with anyone. Husbands can be great. Sometimes they’re cute and they often let you warm your cold feet on their body in bed. Major. Perks. But going at this all alone, I have to search for the positive at times…so help me out here.

Don’t get me wrong – my children are fortunate to have the best dad we could ask for, and I in turn have a great relationship with him. (my ex husband) Still….he doesn’t live here. That would be weird. I don’t have to consider his feelings when the kids want to throw a dance party with disco lights in the basement. Instead, I pretty much always allow it. There’s a door I can shut to the basement, and Netflix in my bedroom. It’s all good.

I don’t want to grow old alone. Or maybe I do? I don’t know. I know for now I love being the “yes” mom, and not having a partner who may find a reason why the house needs to be quiet.

I love not being bothered by a fort in the living room and empty bags of Doritos decorating the floor. I truly don’t care. We will clean up when everyone goes home. The basement is sure to smell awful today, after three boys slept down there…most likely in sweaty clothes from running around outside yesterday. Ewwww…but the stench will pass.

I want my children’s friends to want to be here. It’s become a natural, easy place for them to hang out and I love that. They know I keep a few of their favorite snacks around and giggle at their silly antics. They’ll never make eye contact with me without seeing me smile back at them. I truly love each one, and will always wonder how they are doing, even when they are all grown up. After childhood, life is a lot of work and very little play. I am going to do my part to make sure they all squeeze as such out of this childhood gig as they can.

The kids don’t know it now, but they will remember these days. I hope they look back when they are grown, and reminisce about the all nighters on most weekends around here. I will miss it immensely. 🙁