Rain, Giggles, and Exhaustion

Reason number 10,000 why having children keeps you young…..running in the rain.

Today I was able to enjoy a spontaneous, special lunch with my two most moody children. This can change throughout the years – but currently they own the title. I don’t say this to insult my sweet babies, but to point out what a difference some “mom” time can make.

I spent two hours of my day at the chiropractor this morning. On the drive home I was making a mental list of what I would get done today. Then, as motherhood luck would have it, as I pulled in to my driveway, I remembered that my love struck 15 year old was waiting for me to get home so I could drive him to see his girl. (Driver’s Ed is this summer, which should be a relief, but I fear the worry wins over relief.)  Anyway….since I was much later than expected, I was sure he was probably sweating bullets from pacing the floor. (not out of worry for me, but worry about being late) Sure enough, he was at the door ready to go. But hey – I was greeted with a smile and a “thanks mom,” so I ignored my empty, rumbling tummy, smiled back,  loaded up Luke and the two younger ones who wanted to ride along, and headed out on our 30 minute drive.

My plan was to drop the teeny boppers off where they were going to hang out, drive thru for a nasty lunch and hurry home. But as I looked back in my rearview mirror and saw two kids who looked pretty bored, and rode along only because they want to be with me, I thought….what the heck woman? Slow down. Take advantage of this time. The to do list is long but there is nothing that can’t wait.

Their faces lit up when I suggested our favorite Italian place. Seeing the joy it brought – just that little gesture – put a smile on my face. We headed over and enjoyed a leisurely lunch with great conversation. I haven’t seen my 13 year old smile enough lately. He’s a bit of a foodie, so watching him savor every bite and describe how each element was complimenting the other, was priceless. He was in his zone and happy. The other miraculous thing I saw Italian food accomplishing, was my two moody children, who are not getting along well lately, were laughing and talking together. None of us had our phones up on the table. They politely took turns talking, (I am constantly asking each to not interrupt the other), and I couldn’t have asked for better company.

The restaurant was suddenly feeling dark, and I looked out the window and announced to the kids, “we are going to get soaked.” They giggled and couldn’t wait. I, on the other hand, grumbled that I forgot my umbrella. I paid up and we headed for the door. I pointed out where the car was, warned James that I would be holding Charlotte’s hand and we will all run for it. I mean it was coming down in sheets. Lol.

Then the magic happened, as it often does through the eyes of a child. As we ran to the van, we laughed so hard I was afraid we might pee our pants. Good news was if we did, we would be so soaked from rain, no one would know. In my infinite, motherly wisdom, I yelled, “be careful!,” as we ran like maniacs, screaming and laughing….because that’s what mothers do.

We laughed all the way to pick up my son and his sweet girlfriend. Then on the 30 minute drive home, Charlotte and James fell asleep, and I held my eyes open as best as I could. I guess the carbs and rain wore us out.

And that is motherhood….Small gestures that bring smiles, memories that are unexpectedly made, laughter and joy found in things we forgot existed, and….Exhaustion. 😉

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