Facebook Friends

Sometimes life is hard…like really, really hard. For any of you reading this – I am proud of you. You have most likely been through something tough in your life by now, and you are still here. You are still trying. Some stages of life are like that. We just try our best, every day. Sometimes getting out of bed is a win. Keep going. Joy comes in the morning.

We live in a time so different than the world we grew up in. (speaking as a Generation X, 48 year old) Just having social media has made the world so unique compared to what our parents had while raising us. I can’t make up my mind on how a feel about things like Facebook. Once in a while I delete the app from my phone because it has the ability to distract me from other things I should be doing. How often do you check your email, then naturally hit the FB app on your phone afterward? Ten minutes go by and you suddenly realize you’ve been scrolling aimlessly, and for what? But as distracting as it is, and for all of the relationship problems it can cause. (you know you’ve stalked your old high school flame), there is a beautiful side to social media, when used properly.

I’ve had a rough year, and so have quite a few of my “Facebook friends.” I know they have, because they shared it on FB. I am glad they did. I want know, because I care. I don’t share a lot of personal stuff, but I drop hints here and there. We ALL judge each other’s relationship status by the profile pic, right?

During some of these tough times, I turned to Facebook for comfort. It sounds so silly. But there have been days and nights when I felt so alone, so naturally I pick up my phone and scroll, due to that loneliness. You know that feeling, when you are too worn out to call someone, or you figure they are tired of hearing about your issues. You don’t want to talk. You just want someone to make you smile. You want to know someone out there can relate. So yes, there have been times when Facebook did that for me. People make fun, but we like those inspirational quotes…keep them coming. Social media is just what it says it is…it’s social. For us extroverts, it gives us an outlet in an odd sort of way.

Look at how we can stay in touch with our friends from high school. We keep those bonds going because we have social media to help us do it…and through that, we are able to rally together when there is a need. I have met people through Facebook, I would have otherwise never met. It has led to beautiful friendships at times. Other times it has led to blocking profiles, and locking my doors at night. Lol. Ladies, you know what I mean.

When used properly, social media can give us opportunities to be more giving. People often ask for prayer, and positive thoughts before a surgery, or during a health crisis. What a great opportunity to bless someone you’ve never met in person. Message and ask for an address, so you can drop a note in the mail, or bring a meal. Yes, I said drop a note in the mail. It is extra special now, to receive a handwritten note. Don’t just leave a comment saying, “hey let me know if you need anything.” No one wants to let you know. Just do it. Do what you can. Going out of your way to send a message daily, asking how they are doing, can mean the world to someone.

I usually write about my children, and for good reason…they are darling. šŸ˜‰ But today I just felt a need to defend FB a bit. I often complain about it. I don’t like the politics…I don’t like when people say mean things…fb steals my time….I have said those things for sure. But all in all, I have this core group of friends on there. Plenty I have never met in person. But they are there. We cheer each other on through this life stuff. Ā I can’t always get out of the house, especially if it’s 1:00 in the morning and I can’t sleep. But I can hop on Facebook, and say, “Hey who’s not sleeping.” Sure enough, there will be another insomniac, and we can laugh about it for a while, then close our eyes again, knowing we aren’t alone, and knowing we will all be checking in once again, in the morning.

ā‰ Ā©2020 Melissa NicholsonĀ All Rights Reserved


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