What You’re Dying To Know About Me


The dreadful “About” page…..what am I about? I have no idea. I’m on a journey like everyone else, trying to figure this life thing out before it comes to an end or I get too old to care. I’m in “now or never” mode and it’s exhausting. I am passionate, creative, and off the charts extroverted. That all sounds sexy and exciting but it’s often a pain in the a**. I love people and need to know you for about five minutes before deciding I’d do anything for you. I believe in living purposefully by making an effort every day to let those I love, know that I love them. I also believe in red wine.

PS…I also happen to be a single mother to 4 children still at home, two who have flown the nest, and one perfect grandchild.



8 replies to What You’re Dying To Know About Me
  1. Thank you for following my blog, Melissa… it is never too late to start a new career. Mid 40’s is the best time to do it. Be relentless and never give up after any setbacks. Will look forward to be a part of your journey.

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  2. Lover of people and wine, not afraid to admit pain-in-the-ass-ness…OK, we can be friends. er, well, you can be my YOUNG friend, but still…I can handle it if you can! Glad I found your space here!


  3. It’s never too late! Go for your dreams. Glad to see you here and look forward to watching you evolve, beautiful butterfly.


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